Malaika Uwamahoro

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Frank Ellypsis

Writing and performing since the age of 5, Frank Ellypsis now aspires to teach others in the art of poetry. Watch as he recites his piece, “Thrown to the Wolves,” on this episode of WORDS.

Saul Williams

Watch American actor, musician and spoken word legend, Saul Williams, perform his piece, ‘Coltan to Cotton’ from his album, Martyr Loser King on this episode of WORDS.

Elizabeth Spackman

In this episode of WORDS, American actress, poet, and playwright, Elizabeth Spackman gives a dramatic performance of an intimate original piece entitled, ‘Between Me and You’.

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This New York based Rwandan Lyricist wants you to know he will never leave Rwanda behind. Watch as Darkecy performs an original song and explains his connection to music in this episode of SOUNDS.

Journal Turns One

For the past 12 months, the Journal team has been dedicated to crafting a quality platform that reflects and represents the culture and society of a nation on the rise. After one year of imagining, creating, perfecting and inspiring, we have only just begun. Today Journal celebrates a year live on your screens, a toast to many more.

Jules Sentore (Part II)

Son of a Rwandan musical legend, Jules Sentore has inherited a knack for traditional music that he has carefully honed into an impressive skill. Watch this episode of SOUNDS and be taken away by talent beyond it’s years.